Wreck League mech fighting game launching with Bored Ape integration

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Animoca-owned US developer nWay has announced Wreck League, its multiplayer combat game which will launch its Season One mode supporting assets from Bored/Mutant Apes outfit Yuga Labs.

Positioned as the future of esports, Wreck League sees players constructing their own mechs, which as well as owning, they also fight in real-time PVP battles, winning various on-chain prizes.

Notably, players will collect mech parts, which individually are NFTs, in turn using these NFTs to construct and mint their own unique mechs. Each mech will consist of 10 different elements allowing players to customize their mechs in terms of fighting style and visual style.

Significantly, at any stage, it will be possible to deconstruct each mech back to its 10 core NFTs to allow for constant recycling and experimentation.

This flexibility will be reinforced in terms of how rewards from competitions and tournaments are structured in such a manner that nWay expects — in fact incentivizes — NFT owners to combine their efforts together with skilled mech makers and the best players of the game into a thriving ecosystem.

Indeed, in another interesting move, the owners of mech NFTs will be able to create and sell non-NFT versions of their mechs to players of the web2 version of the game, which will offer similar functionality and gameplay, just not using NFTs and blockchain assets.

Of course, NFTs will be offered as prizes in the web2 version to enable F2P players to seemlessly upgrade into the web3 version of the game.

In terms of Yuga Labs’ participation in Season One, Wreck League will incorporate four Yuga Labs collections: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Kennel Club, and Otherside Kodas.

It’s not clear how they will be used, but nWay states “players will be able to utilize rare Yugaverse Mechs to enhance their gameplay, adding an element of exclusivity to their in-game achievements”.

Future seasons of the game will see the involvement of other IP and brands

Wreck League will kick off with a special sale of mech parts via an allowlist, with Season One due to kick-off during September.

Keep up-to-date via the Wreck League website and Discord.

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