Oasys launches web3 wallet and signs deal with Lootverse’s AGLD DAO

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Japanese gaming blockchain Oasys has released its web3 wallet Oasys Passport. While the wallet is built for Oasys, web3 gaming company Double Jump.tokyo is the app’s developer.

Currently in alpha, Oasys Passport offers full support for Oasys’ Home Verse and Double Jump.tokyo’s flagship title Brave Frontiers Heroes. The plan is to gradually integrate the wallet with more games on Oasys. 

As well as making the onboarding process easier, the Oasys Passport will introduce features designed to improve the user experience, including 

  • displaying NFTs with a unified look for each content, 
  • asset visualization for assets earned through gameplay, and 
  • the ability to bridge across various Verses for multiple games within the app.

Moreover, in its strides towards building a dynamic gaming ecosystem, Oasys recently announced it’s inked a partnership with AGLD DAO. Its collaborative fully onchain project Lootverse is underpinned by the AGLD token and focuses on the development of fully autonomous decentralized ecosystems.

AGLD DAO will initially sponsor Oasys’ and Amazon’s GameWave Genesis Hackathon at Token2049, as well as host a theme encouraging participants to explore autonomy through game and dapp development.

In addition, the DAO’s native AGLD token will become available on the Oasys platform through bridging. This aims to accelerate the growth of more collaborative autonomous gaming experiences within the AGLD DAO ecosystem. 

Oasys’s Head of business dev Dominic Jang, commented, “Our collaboration with AGLD DAO is more than just a technological integration. It represents a shared commitment to nurturing decentralized creativity in the metaverse. As Oasys continues to expand the possibilities in the Web3 space, we are proud to provide a foundational layer for autonomous and independent development on Oasys Chain to support this growth.”

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