NHN and Sui join forces to tackle lack of synergy between web3 and games

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South Korean mobile game company NHN has announced a collaboration with Mysten Labs-developed blockchain Sui. 

According to NHN Corporation CEO Ujin Chung, a lack of synergy between web3 and gaming is the driving factor behind the company’s leap into web3. Its aim is to build blockchain infrastructure where players can enjoy web3 games securely and without delays, in a similar fashion to how they experience web2 games.

Chung commented, “Up to this point, there has been a lack of synergy between web3 and gaming. That synergy will be driven by growth and sustainability, the kind of which is best served by the minds who honed this skill in web2, and have a proven track record of success in creating experiences that users enjoy. Through our partner selection process, Mysten Labs stood out to NHN for both their expertise as well as the innovative capabilities of Sui.”

As one of Asia’s prominent online board game providers, NHN will focus on mass adoption of blockchain gaming by adding its experience in servicing games and managing in-game web3 economies. Its flagship web2 game, Hangame Poker, has a user base of more than 37 million.

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