Line Next’s DOSI platform launches on mobile

Following Line Next’s announcement of $140 million raised at the end of 2023, its Dosi platform has now launched on mobile. Currently available on Android, iOS integration is scheduled for a later date.

Among the live features on the platform are purchases of digital items including upgradable Citizen NFTs, game items and membership in DOSI City. As per the announcement, membership provides various discounts within the app and benefits such as daily membership points by logging in to DOSI Citizen. Memberships can also be either extended or resold on the DOSI market.

The items members get access to are within the initial startup apps which are integrated with DOSI at launch. These include

  • social metaverse Super Plat from The Crossing Lab, 
  • investment platform Quantrack and
  • music streaming platform inDJ.

More companies are expected to launch on the platform on a rolling basis every two weeks.

DOSI and its associated assets are deployed on Line Next’s native Finschia blockchain.

Stay up-to-date via the DOSI Platform.

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