First playtest of Delabs’ dystopian RPG Metabolts underway

South Korean web3 game developer Delabs is currently running its first public playtest of dystopian RPG Metabolts.

The week-long test started Monday 22nd January and is scheduled to close Friday 26th. Confined to Delabs Adventure Pass holders and players in Canada, Thailand, and Vietnam, the playtest is a way for Delabs to gauge retention rates and reactions to the initial gameplay in order to make ongoing improvements.

As one of three titles in Delabs’ game catalogue, Metabolts is a deep narrative-driven RPG set in a future scenario where the world has almost ended. In light of a central bank collapse, survivors have to find a new alternative currency, something the developer describes as “a metaphor for the emergence of decentralized currencies challenging central authorities”.

“We’re excited to offer players their first chance to experience the Metabolts universe as we gather valuable feedback on what players enjoyed, what we can improve, and get initial reactions to the gameplay,” said Delabs CEO Joonmo Kwon.

While exclusive early access is granted to Delabs Adventure Pass holders, other players in the designated locations are able to download the game via Google Play or App Store.

Stay up-to-date via Delabs’ website.

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