Why dystopian RPG Metabolts makes Delabs’ Daeseok “happy, thrilled and excited”

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4:33’s web3 game venture Delabs has recently released an interview with the product director of character collection RPG Metabolts, Son Daeseok.

As a producer he has experience of building plenty of game worlds, but has “never been as happy, thrilled and excited about a project” as he is with his most recent development Metabolts.

Expanding on the subject of RPGs he says it’s “one of the most attractive and immersive game formats, the most suitable for exploration, adventure and survival.” However, Metabolts is no traditional RPG but rather seeks to provide a solution to many of the problems the genre traditionally faces. The game “aims to break the vicious cycle of past collectible RPGs where developers constantly released stronger characters and better equipment as a countermeasure to users’ collections”, explains Daeseok.

“Gamers should not only be problem solvers in the traditional sense, but also participants who can share stories and create challenges together.”

Putting participation at its core, one of Metabolts’ main goals is to let players be part of creating events and content, while being rewarded with exchangeable and tradable assets. In addition there will be limited edition NFTs, items, and skills available in the game.

In terms of the lore, Metabolts represents a world that has gone wrong, where 90% of humanity has disappeared. The gameworld is covered in grey fog called Grey Dust, and highly praised by the head of Delabs Joonmo Kwon, Metabolts’ art director has been described as “the best anime artist in Korea”. 

Players end up in fights with monsters transformed by the grey particles, but Daeseok is eager to point out that “the dystopia of Metabolts is not dark. Instead it portrays stories more enjoyable than the real world – with characters seeking to live happily rather than just survive”. One of the important tasks is to find items left behind by the vanished humans, that’ll help players adventure through the apocalypse.

To appeal to a wider audience the team is looking at new immersive features which will allow players to be directly involved in the game and have control over it, in an innovative combination with more traditional RPG features.

On the topic of what web3 elements Metabolts will feature, Daeseok refers back to the initial lore of the game. “What if 90% of humanity disappears while everything we enjoy remains intact?” 

“Occupational boundaries will be blurred, various jobs that we used to do would disappear, and survivors would open up the possibility of any profession to adapt to the laws and order of the new world. Metabolts’ web3 universe starts with these ideas.”

Find more details on Delabs Games’ website.

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