Ubisoft announces first web3 game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

It’s been experimenting in the blockchain sector since 2018 with various NFTs tie-ins and other tests, collaborations and investments but only now has Ubisoft formally announced its first blockchain game.

Called Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, it’s described as a PC-based “PVP tactical RPG” that’s in development at Ubisoft and will be deployed on Japanese blockchain ecosystem Oasys.

The news was released as part of Oasys’ Special Event in Japan, held within Japan Blockchain Week, which is sponsored by the Japanese government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Few details have been provided about the game but the website details that players will “assemble a team of mythical champions, engage in thrilling tactical battles against other players and discover the legends of the dark and mystical world of Grimoria”.

Further details will be made available via the game’s Twitter and Discord.

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