Blockchain tools outfit Loom Network partners up with Cocos

Sidechains coming to dApp games right now

Edited: This article originally stated Loom Network had a partnership with Unity. We’ve been asked to point out that while Loom has released a SDK for Unity, it doesn’t have a formal agreement with the company yet.

US/Thai blockchain tools outfit Loom Network has signed a deal with China’s biggest mobile game engine Cocos.

The open source 2D framework powers games used by over 100 million monthly active players, mainly in southeast Asia.

Plugging into the DAppChain

The partnership will see Loom’s DAppChains enabled for all developers using the Cocos SDK, which means they can take advantage of the speed and scalability of side chains, while maintaining the security and interoperability of the Ethereum mainnet.

The Cocos client will be able to handle DAppChain Wallets, transaction signing and authentication. Further functionality, such as item transfers, in-game currencies, saving states etc will be added by the end of June.

Around the same time, Loom will formally release its SDK, which includes client-side support for Unity and deeplinking for the TrustWallet mobile app. This is important for improving the user experience for mobile blockchain games, especially when it comes to buying ETH.

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