BitGuild goes live with Ether Online and another four games inbound

Platform play is building momentum

Following its $14.5 million token sale, blockchain game platform BitGuild is already fulfilling on its ambitious plan.

A beta version of its web portal is now live alongside first game Ether Online, but with another four games also being promoted.

Going big, bigger

These are collectibles game Axie Infinity, which was recently the winner in the Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018 pitching session, real estate strategy game Eth.Town, trading card game Mythereum and Bitizens (about which we know nothing).

All these games run as dApps on the Ethereum blockchain but will also support PLAT, which is the cross-platform ERC20 token for BitGuild.

You can sign up right now and get 600 PLAT via the BitGuild website, (which requires MetaMask).

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