Nyan Heroes unveils airdrop as NYAN is listed on Bybit, Gate.io and HTX

Team-based cat-themed mech shooter Nyan Heroes has announced the listing of its Solana-based NYAN token on Bybit, Gate.io, and HTX.

In conjunction with the news, Nyan Heroes developer 9 Lives Interactive has also dropped new details about its airdrop, which allows players to earn NYAN tokens in-game by completing weekly and daily missions. Additionally, NYAN can be earned through social media missions such as following Nyan Heroes accounts and creating content.

To claim the tokens, eligible users can visit the Nyan Heroes Claim portal and connect their Solana wallet. Using NYAN, players can awaken, or mint, their guardians and gear, unlocking an expanded rewards pool. NYAN will also facilitate marketplace transactions, rental fees for in-game assets, competition entry fees, and can be locked to access more exclusive rewards. It also grants access to community governance. Visit the airdrop claim page to check eligibility.

9 Lives Interactive creative director and CEO Max Fu, commented, “Our NYAN token is more than just a game token. It provides multifunctional utility in the Nyan universe, powering our entire platform, future titles, partnerships, and expansive IP.  This, combined with the NYAN listing on Bybit, marks a major milestone in our vision of driving mainstream adoption of web3 games.  Be sure to suit up and complete your missions to make the most of this airdrop.”

The Nyan Heroes Pre-Alpha: Ranked Mode demo is currently available on Epic Games Store until 26th May. Players are not required to have a wallet to play and NYAN tokens do not provide any in-game advantage. 

For more information on Nyan Heroes, visit the game’s website and X account.

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