Aurory launches Citrine, biggest Seekers of Tokane update yet

Six months following the release of JRPG Seekers of Tokane, the Aurory team has started rolling out its most significant and anticipated game update yet, the Citrine patch.

While Citrine entails a more general improvement to the game, it also introduces completely new features, including a new roguelite element set in the Everlasting Chained Lands. This is accompanied by a revamped player progression system that emphasises tactical dynamic gameplay, where players will gain more rewards for taking higher risks, but also paying a higher price for their mistakes. 

Other exciting Citrine updates include 

  • Neftie Squads Players are now limited to a maximum of three Nefties characters, requiring more strategic gameplay. Prime Neftie holders get a Neftie companion that follows them around and can learn new abilities.
  • Seeker’s Compass – A navigation tool to help players explore the vast Lands more easily.
  • Consumables – Players can purchase consumables from the new merchant NPC, Akash, to add more strategy to Blitz battles and squad management.
  • Land Portal Overhaul – Players can choose which environment to explore and return to previous areas. Completing objectives unlocks additional levels for a crystal fee. Upon completing a land, players can choose to continue exploring for bigger rewards or return to the village with their loot.

As Aurory executive producer Johnny Campeau commented, “Citrine is definitely our most ambitious update we’ve ever done. What the team managed to include in this patch is insane. There are so many new features that it’s a completely new gaming experience. I can’t wait to hear the community stories, and see their reactions as they get to experience it all for the first time.”

“The integration of these new features represents a significant stride towards our vision of delivering a premier web3 gaming experience. We take pride in our steadfast dedication to innovation and delivery, setting a precedent within the web3 gaming landscape,” added Aurory co-founder Paul Vadillo.

In November 2023, Aurory launched its creature battler Seekers of Tokane including features such as full Blitz Battle, opening of the Blanche portal, and avatar customization. Since then, the team has increasingly been focusing on the game’s liveops and community events. It’s also been faced with some challenges revolving around its first title Aurory Tactics, which led to a strategic decision earlier in 2024 to sunset the game, allowing the developer to dedicate more focus to Seekers of Tokane

Seekers of Tokane is available to download via the Aurory app or via Epic Games Store.

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