Coinbase Learn is giving away $55 in RON

Continuing its growing momentum, Sky Mavis has announced a partnership with crypto exchange Coinbase, which will see its gaming blockchain Ronin’s RON token going live within Coinbase’s educational Learn platform.

In a recent blogpost, Sky Mavis highlights the current Coinbase Learn campaign which will let users earn RON rewards worth $55 for completing various quests and quizzes using the Coinbase app. “Over the past few months, we’ve built portals between our collective movements: Coinbase’s RON listing. The Ronin Wallet’s CoinbasePay integration.” 

Previously mainly focused on Asian markets, Sky Mavis sees this as part of expanding its UA and broader mission globally, adding “Today’s joint campaign is another step together in our shared mission to increase economic freedom around the world.” 

Alongside the collaboration, the web3 developer has also unveiled the month-long Ronin Carnival event. Running from 3rd June, the event entails time-limited activations from Ronin ecosystem partners including games such as Apeiron, Kaidro, PuffTown, Tribesters, and more, in addition to Sky Mavis’ own Axie Infinity Origins.

To participate in Coinbase Learn, users need to create a Coinbase Account and complete KYC, find the learning rewards section in the Coinbase app, and start Ronin Quests.

For more details, check out the full blogpost.

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