Ronin surpasses 20 million total unique wallets

Crowning itself the king of gaming chains, Sky Mavis’ Ronin network is certainly leading the pack among gaming specific blockchains when it boils down to total unique wallets. 

Recently breaking the 20 million-mark, the uptake in activity is mainly thanks to social RPG Pixels’ continuous growth, and in part increased traction around Sky Mavis’ own Axie Infinity games, as well as airdrop events, tournaments, and NFT mints on Ronin from third-party games such as Apeiron, Ragnarok: Monster World and Wild Forest

While Pixels hit 1 million DAUWs during May, Axie Infinity more than doubled its daily active user wallets – reaching 45,000 – during the same period.

Meanwhile, gaming-focused platform Immutable and its zkEVM blockchain has also seen a steady increase in activity. Following airdrop campaigns from recently onboarded action RPG Hunters On-Chain from Boomland, and the launch of squad RPG Guild of Guardians, the network currently has 2.5 million wallets, and 1.9 million total accounts. Immutable is also attracting new users via its rewards campaign The Main Quest, through which users signing up for an account can claim free daily gems.

With 70 games currently listed on its platform, of which Wemade’s own MMORPG Night Crows is the biggest by far with over 400,000 players, Wemix currently boasts a total of 1.1 million active wallets.

In comparison, Mythical Games’ Mythos Chain, which is in the process of migrating from Ethereum to Polkadot, has 800,000 total unique wallets, mainly thanks to its mobile football title NFL Rivals.

Top gaming blockchains by total user wallets

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