Pirate Nation is launching its PIRATE token on 13th June

US developer Proof of Play has unveiled details of its forthcoming PIRATE token, which is set to launch on 13th June 2024.

Based on Ethereum, PIRATE is an ERC20 utility token with a total supply of 1 billion. Among other functions, it will be used in the developer’s turn-based browser RPG Pirate Nation to purchase gems, cosmetics and other in-game activities.

The integration of gems is scheduled to take place a few days following the token’s launch, alongside the start of Season 2. Gems will be the game’s hard currency filling various in-game purposes such as timer speed up and to cover missing resources. It can only be acquired using PIRATE.

In terms of the token launch, only Pirate Nation players during season 0 and 1, and NFT holders, will be able to claim PIRATE at TGE.

In terms of its overall distribution

  • 47% of tokens is allocated to the community, 
  • 28% to the team,
  • 13.25% to the Proof of Play ecosystem, and
  • 11.75% to investors and advisors.

In the days leading up to the TGE, the team will introduce a litepaper with more details of the PIRATE token as well as in-game utility, staking, and the wider Proof of Play ecosystem.

Discover more about Pirate Nation and its broader vision for fully onchain gaming in our interview with Proof of Play CEO Amitt Mahajan, play the game via its website, and follow Pirate Nation on X.

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