Boomland builds momentum, announcing two mobile games coming to web3

Following the announcement of its move from Polygon to Immutable, Boomland has been busy building momentum ahead of its BOOM token launch on the blockchain during Q3 2024.

In order to create token utility, the game developer announced its forthcoming 250 million BOOM play-to-airdrop campaign in May. Underlining its active measures against bots, the team has also made clear that tokens can primarily be earned through accumulating XP in Hunters On-Chain by playing the game, as opposed to social quests widely adopted by other developers.

This could prove to be in Boomland’s favour, and is a testimony of its experience as a game developer, active before token speculation and social media farming was on the agenda. To this end, Hunters On-Chain is Boomland’s web3 version, available across both browser and mobile, of original web2 mobile game Hunt Royale.

To build more utility around BOOM, Boomland has also recently announced not one but two new titles as part of its ecosystem.

Already available as a web2 mobile game, Archery Club is the team’s multiplayer archery game which will implement web3 features through a “soft tokenisation” process. This means current web2 players will gradually be introduced to elements such as token integration and wallet creation using the BGEM utility token.

And now the team has unveiled news that its web2 mobile game Car Driving School will adopt the same approach with a gradual implementation of blockchain. The launch is planned for Q3 2024.

Like Boomland’s action RPG Hunters On-Chain, both Archery Club and Car Driving School will deploy on Immutable zkEVM.

Stay up-to-date on all Boomland games via its website and X account.

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