Aurory partners with blockchain-based cloud GPU provider Nosana

Solana-based game developer Aurory has announced a strategic deal with web3 infrastructure company Nosana.

In more details, Aurory will tap into Nosana’s Solana-native decentralized distributed compute solutions (DePin) to enhance gaming technology more generally, and Aurory’s own games specifically. Working on multiple mini-games and additions to its gaming universe, Aurory’s latest title Seekers of Tokane recently underwent its biggest revamp yet, with the launch of Citrine.

Using Nosana’s decentralized GPU cloud, Aurory is looking to incentivize players by rewarding them if they allow Nosana tech to use their idle GPU resources. In turn, Nosana hopes this will help developers create better AI powered in-game characters. 

Looking ahead, both companies predict the management of GPU resources will have a big impact on game development. To this end, Nosana is aiming to make GPU clouding accessible to everyone. By using its infrastructure, it claims that its engineers will be able to deploy GPU clusters of any scale rapidly at 85% less cost than traditional centralized cloud providers. 

“Hosting a fully autonomous AI game character in the cloud rapidly and at any scale for a fraction of the cost, is going to be a huge game-changer for the gaming industry. Not only does it allow a lot more flexibility for game developers from an infrastructure standpoint, but it can drastically unlock new creative ways to interact with game characters in the future, and who knows, creating a brand new experience that we have never seen before,” commented Aurory executive producer Johnny Campeau.

“There is a special connection between web3 gaming and AI inference. Gamers often own powerful hardware that efficiently runs AI models, which is not utilized when they are not playing; at the same time, AI can be used to create more engaging gaming experiences,” added Nosana co-founder Jesse Eisses.

“We are very happy to be working with Aurory, as this partnership will add a lot of value to both sides and push our ecosystems to greater heights.” 

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