Gamee expands Wat Protocol as wallets surge to over 2 million

Although Animoca Brands’ hypercasual gaming ecosystem Gamee was running games on social app Telegram prior to its move into web3, the gaming network has recently seen a significant uptick in activity.

Partly this has come about due to Gamee being forced to migrate its GMEE token to Ethereum following a $15 million hack on Polygon at the start of 2024.

The main reason, however, has been the explosive growth in activity on Telegram’s now-integrated TON blockchain, which allows all Telegram users to easily create their own non-custodial wallets. Combined with the TON token entering the crypto top 10 in terms of market cap, as well as the success of other meme gaming projects such as Notcoin and Hamster Kombat, Telegram now provides a great opportunity for Gamee to extend its blockchain gaming presence.

And that’s something it’s fulfilling with its Wat Project, which has already attracted over 2 million TON wallets.

It works by allowing users to earn WatPoints for staking GMEE tokens on Ethereum, ‘mining’ on Telegram, and playing Gamee’s casual series of Arc8 mini-games.

Unveiling the next step – Episode 4 – Gamee is now expanding the reward system to include NFT holders of prominent collections Mocaverse, Space Doodles, Grapes, San FranTokyo, Pudgy Penguins, and its own Arc8 Beasts.

In even better news for NFT holders that connect their wallet, the WatPoints they earn will increase the more users that sign up. 

“With 80 million people across the ecosystem — GMEE token holders, Telegram players, and Arc8 players — we figured it’s about time we connected them and rewarded everybody all at once!”, commented Gamee in the official announcement.

Visit the Wat Protocol website for more details.

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