Zombie Battleground launches on Kickstarter

Loom Network looks to the crowd for funding

Loom Network is reaching out for funding for Zombie Battleground, its first blockchain game, and one it hopes will demonstrate to other developers the power of its Ethereum sidechain architecture.

The company has announced its much-lauded trading card game has launched a Kickstarter campaign. From now until its deadline in August, Loom aims to gain $250,000 in backing.


So what is Zombie Battleground?

Zombie Battleground is to be one of the many trading card games using blockchain. What users will find is the game’s mechanics are very similar to Magic: The Gathering.

Users will have the opportunity to collect, loot and trade cards in the same style as card games like Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh! For those who had the chance of trying the demo in May, one thing that stuck out is that it played more like a smartphone game than a blockchain one, and that for good reason.

What sets it apart?

The game will break new ground by:

  • Certifying the rarity and count of each card in play – so there’s no stacking the deck!
  • Giving you ownership of each card in your deck – real assets with real value.
  • Enabling player-to-player trading and selling – skip the middleman, P2P secure trading.
  • Building an amazing marketplace for in-game cards – trade, sell, buy in confidence.

The game also offers continued growth over its lifespan, providing its players with new features like:

  • More solo adventures with new cards – never stop explorin’
  • New heroes to add more styles to each element – new capabilities and powers
  • Additional elemental factions – bigger and better
  • …and much more!

Where will it be released?

According to Loom’s Kickstarter, Zombie Battleground will first be released on iOS and Android. And depending on its success, Loom is considering releasing it for PC and Mac too. Then everyone can play in the zombie apocalypse!

For those interested in the project, check out the Kickstarter.

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