Experimental launches CryptoWars’ marketplace to encourage item interoperability

It’s also proposing a smart contract-based NFT protocol

One of our top 10 most anticipated blockchain games was Experimental’s (aka E11) CryptoWars.

And the Argentine developer has taken a big step towards the game’s release by launching what it’s calling the “Experimental Skin Marketplace”.

As with most marketplaces for unreleased games, the launch also functions as an initial item sale, as limited edition CryptoWars units and weapons – all ERC721 tokens – are being now sold.

In addition, if you visit the marketplace (MetaMask required), you can also nab yourself a free unit.

The start of something bigger

Experimental has bigger plans for the marketplace, however, as it hopes other developers will support the items it creates for its games in their games.

In order to do this, it’s proposing a protocol, which it calls the E11 Shared Protocol, defining how such items – also called Non-Fungible Tokens – should be created and managed.

You can read all about the five smart contracts that define this protocol on Experimental’s Medium post announcing its marketplace.

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