Signal Zero criticises airdrops, advises Proof of Concept

Gaming rewards platform CEO Tobias Batton talks Loot, Dungeon Defenders II and TapRivals

Gaming rewards platform Signal Zero has revealed its new approach to airdrops. Criticising existing models for giving away digital assets in the hope of broadening ownership and raising project profiles, CEO Tobias Batton warned that entrepreneurs are, “Unnecessarily giving away free tokens”.

Batton urges blockchain entrepreneurs to follow Signal Zero’s lead and launch a Proof of Concept (POC) to use as a mechanism to build an engaged community of active supporters who can also carry out beta testing, user research and feedback.                                                            

“I hope our initiative will spark a sea change in the way crypto-projects distribute coins to their community of supporters – completely upending the notion that individuals can receive coins for doing simple tasks like joining a Telegram group,” says Batton.

Level up

The Loot Protocol is the world’s first Proof-of-Skill blockchain platform that uses a universal crypto to reward players for their skill levels in a variety of games. Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders II is the most recent game to commit to integrating the algorithm.

To test the POC and build a highly engaged community which is in excess of over 30,000 members since May, the company has integrated the blockchain algorithm with TapRivals, giving players the ability to earn reputation points based on their skill.

Players use the points to ‘level up’, as they would in Role Playing Games (RPGs) and Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs). The higher a player’s level, the more they can access and will receive in TapRivals’ rewards.

Centralized virtual prototype

Batton continued, “As we continue development of our decentralized Loot protocol for the gaming industry, it is important to engage our existing community of millions of players and the gaming and crypto communities-at-large in that process.

Signal Zero’s development and design DNA is built on a foundation of leveraging empirical data from our community to inform our design and development decisions. This centralized virtual prototype is the first step in that process”.

New ways to monetise

Using a comparative ranking algorithm, the software analyses relative player performance, awarding all players accordingly for the skill they exhibit with tradeable crypto assets.

The technology can be adopted by any existing game, forging new ways for publishers to monetise their content without the use of advertising and to pay gamers for playing.

Since launching in 2014, Signal Zero has grown to a community of over 10 million global players and rewarded members with more than US $7 million in cash and prizes.

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