Reality Clash armoury has already shifted over 2,500 weapons

Traders have already spent 350,000 RCC tokens

Ever since its March launch, it seems Reality Clash’s online armoury has been setting players’ pulses racing.

So, although the mobile AR/VR shooter won’t be available until later in the fall, there’s been plenty of trading activity.

Boosted by the weekly release of two new guns, each coming with three skins, over 2,500 weapons have now been sold.

They’ve been paid for using 350,000 Reality Cash Gold tokens (RCC), worth around $200,000 at current prices.

Shooting and sell

“It’s already beaten our expectations,” commented Reality Gaming co-founder Tony Pearce.

“We’re going to have a massive armoury of weapons available when the game goes live.”

Indeed, when talking about Reality Clash, Pearce now refers to it as two separate projects; a game in which you use the weapons you buy, and a trading marketplace for these weapons.

Of course, what will be fascinating to see is how the intersection between the two changes (or doesn’t) over time.

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