Korean Go grandmaster Lee Sedol announces launch of blockchain-based Go game

GoBlock is poised to become known as one of the newest, oldest games

The number of blockchain games making the step from collectible to competitive is increasing.

One of those games being newly added to a growing list of blockchain esports is one of the oldest. That game being Go, with one of its grandmasters, Lee Sedol, a 9th dan ranked player at the helm of the project.

Go refers to the strategy game developed in China roughly 2,500 years ago, similar to chess and is still commonly played internationally.

Tentatively named ‘GoBlock’, the game will be developed in conjunction with the South Korean-based blockchain development company, The Blockchain Inc, and will gain a reputation as one of the newest and oldest competitive games playable between users.

GoBlock want’s to make Go into an esport

Both Sedol and Blockchain Inc intend to create an esport with a professional league where players can compete against each other globally, all with the prospect of winning prizes through a planned rewards system.

According to Sedol, the rewards system will act as an incentive for competitors, supporters, advertisers and viewers will be able to benefit from participating.

While the game will initially be released and made playable for users in Japan, Korea and Greater China, GoBlock intends to be made available to a global Go playing market.

Along with professional leagues, Sedol seeks to develop amateur leagues including a training system designed to induct new generations of Go players into potentially playing professionally.

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