Parsec Frontiers’ future uncertain as crowdsale fails to reach soft cap

Developer Artplant considering its options

It’s never an easy thing to admit when things haven’t gone the way you’d hoped.

But that’s the position Artplant, the game developer behind ambitious blockchain space game Parsec Frontiers – one of our most anticipated blockchain games – finds itself in with the conclusion of its token crowdsale.

With a ‘heavy heart’, the team has been unable to meet its desired soft cap target of 2,500 ETH, throwing the future of the development of the game ‘uncertain’ according to the company.

Preparing for next steps

According to the company’s Medium blog, the Parsec Frontiers team have announced that, with the failure of its crowdsale, it intends to address the following:

  • Announce the procedure for refunding of participants in the crowd sale
  • Distribute the bounty tokens from the crowd sale bounty
  • Distribute the Telegram bounty tokens
  • Distribute the pre-sale bonus tokens

The Norwegian developer will also be scheduling a meeting between pre-sale investors, project partners and advisors in Oslo during mid-August with a more precise date to be announced two-weeks prior.

The meeting will consist of a retrospective review of work conducted, including a discussion regarding a potential future course of action for the project.

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