Decentraland joins South Korean Reality Partners accelerator program

Decentraland is going Gangnam-style

South Korea’s relationship with cryptocurrencies has been shaky, but fortunately for VR platform Decentraland, the same isn’t true when it come to blockchain content.

It’s just announced a partnership with Gyeonggi Content Agency’s Next Reality Partners program providing local developers with the tools and guidance with which to create content on Decentraland’s platform.

Decentraland partners with GCA NRP

On a broader level, the GCA NRP is one of the most successful augmented and virtual reality accelerators approved by the government in South Korea.

Starting its operations in 2016, GCA NRP strives to cultivate a strong VR and AR gaming industry on the peninsula. It intends to do this through three avenues:

  • Increasing VR/AR awareness through hosting events and conferences such as the B.I.G. Forum and PlayX4
  • Helping VR/AR startups to network with other projects and investors
  • Providing financial support and funding for VR/AR startups

The partnership includes collaboration with GCA NRP’s other international partners which include HTC and Google to support content creation both in South Korea and internationally.

DCL.X lands in South Korea

Thanks to this collaboration with GCA NRP, Decentraland intends to introduce and put into action its new accelerator program aimed at incubating and supporting VR game developers in South Korea, which it’s calling DCL.X.

While it’s establishing a co-working space for game developers in GangNam, Seoul, Korea, DCL.X will also provide a range of financial and professional guidance such as professional training, coaching and marketing strategy.

Individuals or teams of developers can apply to the DCL.X program by submitting a brief introduction and proposal to Andrew Kim, Decentraland’s Head of Business Development and DCL.X, at [email protected].

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