Dragonglass’ new patch brings transferrable skins to its games

Dragonglass is putting its blockchain to work for its players

Dragonglass is adding some interesting new features to its mobile game Dragonglass Miner.

With patch 1.9, it’s introducing more than just new visuals for the player and promises to be the games first step towards a broader, cross-game ecosystem.

Players of Dragonglass Miner will be able to benefit from the latest patch straightaway, as it introduces brand new skins which are not only appealing to the eye but are able to be traded on the marketplaces and exchanges in the future.

While it doesn’t specify when these skins will be tradeable, the intention of Dragonglass is to make them easily transferrable between games, including upcoming title, Dragonfeed.

Dragonglass’ skins

While their prices are cut in half as a reward for the games early adopters, the skins vary in rarity, from the limited number of ‘Rare’ and ‘Epic’ skins, to the completely unique ‘Legendary’ sets such as the ‘White Witcher’ and ‘King’ skins.

Early adopters on the platform will be able to purchase these skins for half the price from within the app using either DGS or Ethereum.

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