What is Dragonglass?

Mobile developer on a mission to build blockchain gaming empire

One of the promises of blockchain gaming is the tokens you acquire in one game will have value in another.

No doubt this will happen, but in these early days, the simplest way to ensure it does is to develop more than one game.

Behind-the-scenes Dragonglass is apparently running its own ETH mining operation

And – amongst other things – that’s the plan for Estonian mobile game developer Dragonglass.

Indirect mining

Currently in the midst of a token sale for its DGS token, it already offers its mobile game Dragonglass Mining on the Google Play store (and for iOS devices via Testflight).

It’s working on more titles too, with Dragonglass Pets (a dragon nurturing game) and Dragonglass Tribes (a turn-based battle royale experience) due later in 2018.

The company’s proposition is more significant than just games, however. Running through the white paper for DGS is a strong emphasis on crypto-mining; something that’s reflected in its debut game.

In this way, Dragonglass Mining is a key part of the DGS token event.

Sure, you can buy the tokens, which are priced at 37,037 DGS to 1 ETH, but once you’ve done so, you can increase your DGS total 10-fold by playing through the game’s 10 levels.

Building a community

To be clear, playing the game has nothing to do with crypto-mining itself, but behind-the-scenes Dragonglass is apparently running its own ETH mining operation and – via smart contracts – that’s what’s fuelling the bonus mechanic of the Dragonglass Mining app.

As the white paper puts it, “mining should be effortless and simple” and nothing is more effortless and simple than getting indirect rewards for someone else’s mining activity.

Of course, for the business to work at scale, there needs to be more than just this sort of smoke and mirrors and that’s where the other games (and more) come into play over the coming months.

In this context, Dragonglass’ white paper is enthusiastic about the company’s long term direction, claiming DGS is the “beginning of a fantastic community and infrastructure”.

Certainly, it’s going to be fascinating to see how it goes about fulfilling its potential.

You can get more information via the Dragonglass website

Source Dragonglass whitepaper

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