Gods Unchained dev Fuel Bros on the power of ERC721

From a labour of love to blockchain gaming esport

Since the announcement of Gods Unchained, its developer, Fuel Bros has highlighted its intent to become the first blockchain-based esports game funded and driven by its community.

Within a recent Medium post, Fuel Bros divulged why it used the Ethereum blockchain as the foundation for Gods Unchained.

Why Ethereum?

The decision to choose blockchain, specifically Ethereum comes from the past experiences with centralised MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Runescape.

Centralisation is a specific example mentioned, with system updates on centralised MMORPGs reducing the effectiveness of items or spells, leaving players with an underpowered, formerly expensive item or ability.

Customers using Valve’s Steam platform have faced a similar problem when discovering its latest updates included a seven-day cooldown on the trade of CS:GO skins, impacting a large number of users that relied on it as a source of revenue.

While also being subject to inordinate cooldown times or considerable changes to their effectiveness, items are also subjected to locked ownership, whether the player wants it or not, according to Fuel Bros.

What this means is that from their in-game effectiveness to their financial worth are held inextricably in the hands of the developers, which is where the use of blockchain became readily apparent to the developers of Gods Unchained.

Developers are the central bank in games, and right now they\'re operating with impunity.

Fuel Bros

How Gods Unchained uses blockchain

To address these issues, the ethereum blockchain is used to make sure that items, once obtained by the user, are made immutable, preventing their stats from being modified.

Within the Medium post, the developer address the ongoing concerns about scaling, which is currently driving gas prices up for individual transactions.

The way Gods Unchained avoids this is through having the game operate off-chain while users only use blockchain for the management of their assets.

More interesting news

Fuel Bros have also announced new partnerships with digital asset marketplaces such as OpenSea, OPSkins and RareBits. These partnerships give players the ability to buy, sell and trade various Gods Unchained cards.

Alongside working with a series of professional TCG/CCG competitors and live streamers, Fuel Bros has announced that it’s built ‘The Apollo Platform’, alluding that it will operate like ‘Stripe for game developers’.

Check out Gods Unchained via its website.

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