Etherbots developer Fuel Bros announces esports game Gods Unchained

Blockchain gaming is getting more competitive

Blockchain gaming is becoming more competitive, especially when it comes to esports.

While there are a vast number of blockchain games in circulation, the numbers for daily and monthly active users are still small-scale.

Gods Unchained offers all the benefits of decentralisation while eliminating the friction encountered using cryptocurrencies

Robbie Ferguson COO, Fuel Bros

According to James and Robbie Ferguson, the co-founders of Fuel Bros, one of the ways that blockchain can draw more users is through catering to the esports market.

This direction is the aim of their newest game, Gods Unchained, which launched on 9th July.

About Gods Unchained

From their previous game, EtherBots, Fuel Bros intend to increase the level of exposure that blockchain games get from the mainstream audience, explicitly targetting e-sports.

According to the co-founders, Gods Unchained is one of the first blockchain games to aim at this area of gaming.

Within the game, players will be able to compete against others to win in-game items and assets.

These assets can then be used in future games to provide a tactical advantage, or sold onto other players.

Fuel Games, the company behind Gods Unchained, has recently been successful in raising over $2.4 million in funding for its newest release.

The funding was led by Continue Capital, Nirvana Capital, Sora Ventures and Coinbase.

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