Lucid Sight announces CryptoKitties-inspired official MLB Crypto Baseball game

LA studio is looking for a home run

Not content with forthcoming games CSC and Cryptic Conjure, LA developer Lucid Sight has just announced MLB Crypto Baseball.

Thanks to a deal with the Major League Baseball organisation, the game will allow players to buy what it calls MLB Collectibles from all 30 MLB teams that they can level up, adding new abilities and upgrades by winning games.

There will also be the option to draft new players, which sounds rather similar to breeding in CryptoKitties, while the game will link into real-world baseball with the ability to collect legendary events, epic moments and – in another CryptoKitties’-inspired move – discover rare traits.

Of course, it will be possible to sell these tokens, while players will also gain rewards for competing in weekly leaderboard challenges.

Hitting a moving target

The game will launch as a distributed app running on Ethereum and using MetaMask as a wallet and log-in.

Over time, Lucid Sight also expects to roll out a mobile version that won’t require MetaMask, which should make it more accessible for baseball fans.

No official release date has been given but given the initial negotiations to gain the license started in late 2017 and that the MLB season is now well underway, we’d expect a launch as soon as possible.

You can find out more about MLB Crypto Baseball via its website.

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  1. J. H. says

    Can’t wait!! This is very exciting. I will be selling all of my dumb CryptoKitties now in preparation for this… 🙂

    1. James McQuillan says

      Definitely keep watching our headlines. There are some truly exciting games coming out that you’re certain to love!

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