New blockchain games and ICO roundup

Blockchain gaming is getting wind in its sails with a little resistance

Blockchain gaming is gaining a strong reputation as time goes on.

What started as an obscure corner of gaming is rapidly entering the mainstream community, but not without its share of setbacks.

Getting excited for


Created by the developers, Touchhour, 9 Lives Arena was announced last week and will be published on Xbox, PS4, and PC.

Players will be given the ability to train a fully customizable hero, which is also fully tradeable on digital asset marketplaces thanks to the use of the Enjin blockchain and its ERC1155 protocol.

Our condolences to Parsec Frontiers

As one of the resident games on our most anticipated list, Parsec Frontiers has failed to carry the momentum from its earlier pre-sale. Aiming at a soft cap of 2,500 Ether ($1.1 million), the crowdsale has ended in failure, forcing it to rethink its longer-term strategy.

New arrivals to the blockchain game directory

Games removed from the blockchain games directory

  • Pandarium
  • One Million Words
  • Nipps
  • Lovers 4 Life
  • Last Flip Wins

Upcoming ICOs

  • Shakedown0x – 30th July
  • Playchip – 5th August
  • Yumerium – 10th August
  • Monetizr – 25th August
  • Yamzu – 29th August

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