Touchhour announces 9 Lives Arena: a PvP RPG game powered by Enjin Coin

The game promises to be on a ‘whole new level’.

Blockchain gaming centres itself on breaking boundaries and innovating.

Touchhour, an Ontario-based game developer, is taking that concept to heart in the development of their game, 9 Lives Arena which was announced earlier this week.

9 Lives Arena is a PvP role-playing game and is one of the first blockchain games to be designed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What is 9 Lives Arena?

Players start by customising their unique hero, with everything from bloodline, to skills and abilities being changeable and saved on the blockchain.

But as the name suggests, your character has nine lives, and once they’re gone, your character will permanently die, leaving behind a trophy listing their achievements.

9 Lives Arena – powered by Enjin

In the past, we’d spoken about ERC1155 and how it functions as a combination of Ethereum’s ERC20 & 721 protocols. By using Enjin’s ERC1155 protocol, heroes in the game are not only avatars but digital assets.

What this means is that heroes in 9 Lives Arena can be used in the same way as non-fungible tokens, meaning they can be customised, upgraded, bought and sold.

Enjin’s ERC1155 allows users to perform more than just single transactions, however, it gives players the ability to conduct complex, bundled transactions of both fungible and non-fungible transactions.

Meaning a reduced cost regarding gas fees and saving the player time in buying/selling assets. The blockchain will also allow a segment of each transaction to go directly to Touchhour, effectively balancing out the ecosystem.

For more information about the ERC1155 protocol on the Enjin blockchain, check out our article here.

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