Following its $100 million raise, Hedera Hashgraph announces $20 million hard cap crowdsale

Ethereum killer primes its gun

Forthcoming decentralized high speed distributed app blockchain Hedera Hashgraph has announced a hard cap $20 million crowdsale.

The US tech company has already raised $100 million, and says this new fund raise is to enable its developer community to invest on the same terms as institutions and employees.

“We hope that this demonstrates the kind of fairness and transparency that we want associated with Hedera for the long term,” it comments.

To-date, the company says more than 22,000 developers have connected with it, including 5,000 attending Hedera meetups.

This momentum will be built upon with the company’s first developer conference Hedera 18, which will be held during 15-17 October in Dallas, Texas.

You can find out more details about Hedera 18 here, and about the blockchain’s development via the Hedera website.

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