Cryptic Conjure begins item pre-sale

The pre-sale includes a selection of unique and powerful artifacts.

ETH.TOWN wasn’t the only game with an anticipated release on August 2nd.

Lucid Sight’s game, Cryptic Conjure, began its item pre-sale. Through this pre-sale, players can buy unique and powerful artifacts, giving them a unique head-start.

After the pre-sale period has ended, players will have access to a unique single-player demo, giving them ample opportunity to test out their newly purchased equipment.

Cryptic Conjure’s item pre-sale

The pre-sale itself consists of a range of items like Artifacts, which serve as a major element to the economy of the game. These artifacts give players access to runic altars in the game, with which, players can craft new spells.

Along with Artifacts, the pre-sale includes the resource needed to craft spells, called Crysta which ascend in value and effectiveness depending on the colour, from red to the ultra-rare violet.

Players will also be able to purchase weapons, armour and spell vouchers within the pre-sale.

While players can take advantage of the variety of artifacts and items up for sale, according to the company’s Medium page, the Cryptic Conjure team made it clear that, while spells are a critical aspect of the game, none will be available through the pre-sale.

It outlined a couple of reasons for this decision, the first being to make sure that all spells area created in-game by the player, ensuring that they remain relatively unique to the creator.

This aspect is important, as game designer Jason Wishnov told us the more shared a spell becomes, the weaker it gets.

The second reason for spells not being involved in the sale is due to the challenges players would face in understanding the actual value of spells.

“It’s difficult for players to understand how to compare spells and their relative value without having a very in-depth knowledge of the battle system.”

The PVE gameplay is currently expected for a Q1 2019 release, with the PVP releasing sometime in the same year.

To find out more about Cryptic Conjure and its item pre-sale, visit its website and Medium

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