Asobimo starts to integrate its mobile JPRGs with NAGA Virtual marketplace

Platforms join together

Japanese mobile RPG developer Asobimo has announced a tie-up with in-game trading platform NAGA Virtual.

The first result is items from Asobimo’s Petit Chronicle have been listed on the marketplace.

More generally, Asobimo says that over time it will integrating its own Asobi Market with NAGA Virtual.

ICO raising in Japan

Asobimo is currently raising funding through an ICO for its Asobi Coin, which is an ERC20 blockchain token that will act as the primary currency in Asobimo’s mobile RPGs and underpin its own marketplace .

More generally, NAGA Virtual is a project from German fintech outfit The NAGA Group, which will enable players of web browser games and Android games to discover new games and trade in-game items.

You can check out the NAGA Virtual marketplace here and find out more about Asobimo via its website.

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