MLB Crypto Baseball cards go on sale, game live 31 August

Blockchain hits the Major Leagues

MLB Crypto Baseball developer Lucid Sight has kept a tight lid on the developments surrounding the game, but the start of its item sale is one thing that isn’t being kept quiet.

As of August 13th, players will be able to visit the site and buy any number of collectible players from 30 Major League Baseball teams.

MLB Crypto Baseball sale

Throughout the sale, 30 players will be released on an hourly basis, each costing $20. If these players sell out before the time has elapsed, the prices will increase by 35%.

This increase will continue whenever a newly released batch sells out, with unsold players gradually reducing in cost until they’re sold.

Throughout the course of the sale, over 15,000 unique collectibles will be submitted, which includes 500 digital players from each MLB team, with certain unique players being released in smaller quantities.

According to Lucid Sight CEO, Randy Saaf, this makes the more popular players boast the same rarity as limited edition figurines and cards.

“You end up with a very small, scarce quantity of each player, and that’s the goal,” Saaf mentions. “It’s a collectible.”

When the game releases, these collectibles will reflect the real-life performance of their namesakes.

For example, if a player holds the digital asset of a baseball player that hit a high level of home runs in the season, that record becomes reflective of the asset you hold.

MLB Crypto Baseball launch date

While the mechanics and launch date had been shrouded in mystery, Saaf has since announced that the game will be launched on August 31st, which means the game will catch the last two months of the MLB 2018 season.

How the season goes for the players on respective teams perform within the MLB season will leave players deciding between keeping them for next season, or selling them on as they appreciate in value.

The game will initially be available as a browser-based game, but Lucid Sight hopes to have native mobile versions available soon.

For more information about MLB Crypto Baseball and their sale, visit the website here.

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