Zombie Battleground raises over $320,000 in remarkable Kickstarter campaign

Breaking goals and stretch goals throughout its campaign

Onwards and upwards for Loom this year.

Since beginning its campaign on June 14th, Loom’s game, Zombie Battleground has gone from impressive previews to one remarkable Kickstarter.

With the conclusion of its campaign, the game has managed to successfully raise over $320,000, far beyond its initial target of $250,000 which was reached on the 4th July.

For supporters, it’s not such surprising news, considering that it managed to reach 66% funding within the first day.

Along with obtaining roughly 135% of its desired funding, Zombie Battleground’s game director, Roy Shapira showcases some of the card mechanics, specifically the Life and Water factions, showing off their mechanics when used in the game.

These factions coincide with the earlier reveals of other elemental factions:

Fire and Air

Toxic and Earth

A hearty congratulations to the Loom Network team and the success of Zombie Battleground.

For more information about the game, check out their Kickstarter page here.

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