Alto partners up with the ODX Network

Bringing blockchain to the mainstream.

Going mainstream with blockchain is no easy or quick task.

But the recent partnership announced between Alto and the Open Data Exchange Network, more commonly known as ODX.

According to Alto, the collaboration is intended to entice more casual gamers to playing blockchain games by making them more readily available through ODX’s platform.

Alto partners up with ODX

Nix Nolledo, the founder and CEO of ODX, expressed a significant amount of optimism in engaging and partnering with Alto.

“Emerging markets present an unusual set of challenges, but the experienced team at Alto has developed a new model that modernizes the way developers create and market new titles as well as how players engage with and pay for games.”

One of the emerging markets for both ODX and Alto is mobile gaming, which has profoundly influenced game development over the years. Gabby Dizon, Alto’s co-founder and chairman believed that the partnership provides Alto with ample exposure to this growing demographic.

“Our goal is to drive that growth while creating value for developers and consumers across the globe. ODX is the perfect partner for reaching the growing number of mobile gamers in emerging markets; its platform enables frictionless discovery and consumption of games by allowing players to engage without requiring an expensive data plan.”

To find out more about the partnership, visit the Alto Medium post here.

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