8 Circuit Studios introduces deep space survival game – Project Genesis

The universe is in the grasp of players with Project Genesis

8 Circuit Studios has proven itself ambitious.

One of the ways in which it plans to put blockchain to work is through their newly announced game, the deep space survival game, Project Genesis.

8 Circuit Studios announces Project Genesis

Within the game, players will choose what purpose to serve as an AI, between preserving the human race or forging its own path of self-determination.

Balancing between interstellar combat and first-person shooter gives a great deal of flexibility in how players can fulfill missions and obtain items essential to further their progress.

The way that Project Genesis uses the Ethereum blockchain is through giving players autonomy over any items they obtain, buy, sell, and trade.

The studio has also announced that it will be starting its own token sale, which will run from October 1st-31st.

Check out their latest trailer here.

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