0xUniverse announces its latest game: 0xBattleships

0xUniverse is adding to its own.

0xGames, the developers of 0xUniverse, has announced its latest game to coincide with 0xUniverse.


The game is called 0xUniverse: Battleships, or 0xBattleships for short, and offers players the opportunity to explore the universe as a battleship engineer.

Much like the elder 0xUniverse, Battleships utilizes blockchain for the storage of battleship modules, incentivizing exploration and battles, while also being available in loot boxes and auctions between players.

While the ownership of these modules is the players alone, it’s all the more reason to build these ships to last, if they’re destroyed during a battle, it may result in losing them.

For more information, visit the 0xUniverse site here.

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