9 Lives Arena starts its ‘Gaming Multiverse’ item sale on Kickstarter

TouchHour’s bringing the Multiverse to its Kickstarter backers

9 Lives Arena has added some more fuel to the fire of its Kickstarter campaign this month.

Along with the ongoing support they’re receiving from their various backers, the company has announced that it will be offering its previously teased ‘gaming multiverse’ items as well.

At the moment, these multiverse items consist of:

  • The Forgehammer,
  • Epochrome Sword and
  • Mike “the Hungoverlord”

All of which will be officially announced by both the 9 Lives Arena team and Enjin via their Medium page. With Enjin’s interoperability project being relatively recent, it’s likely that these weapons will be followed by a number of other items yet to be announced.

Being part of Enjin’s ‘Multiverse’ means that these weapons will be usable across its current library of games, according to 9 Lives Arena:

“Minted using Enjin Coin’s development platform, multiverse items are usable across multiple gaming realms. So far, seven games have committed to joining this blockchain-powered gaming multiverse.”

Currently, 9 Lives Arena is expected to release for PC in 2019, for more information, visit their website here.

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