Atari founder, Nolan Bushnell’s X2 Games bought by Global Blockchain

Older names with newer games

Nolan Bushnell, one of the leading names behind the now legendary Atari didn’t just step back from gaming after the 2600.

Instead, Bushnell became increasingly invested in blockchain, establishing X2 Games, a multiplayer game development company.

Over the years, X2 gained a reputation for leveraging blockchain to create innovative gaming experiences for players. It’s been announced this week that X2 has since been acquired by the Canadian-based Global Blockchain.

The latter intends to put X2’s expertise to use in tokenizing gaming platforms that it’s involved with. X2 will also be guiding Global on the integration of blockchain technology in game development.

In addition, Global will merge elements of its media and entertainment business.

This merger is to create a subsidiary charged with enterprise and exchange activities.

Bushnell believes that the collaboration will drive both companies forward according to a company press release.

“Without that first charge of creativity, nothing else can take place. This acquisition by BLOC will integrate X2 Games’ innovative game development studio and intellectual property within BLOC’s portfolio of blockchain assets allowing new and revolutionary games to be developed together.”

For more information about X2 and Global Blockchain, visit the websites.

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