Top performing games – September/October

Welcome to our monthly roundup of top performing dApps in the blockchain gaming world.

Where this list started relatively late to September. Meaning that this will be a highlight of the top performers across mid-September to mid-October.

Much like previous months, dApps will be ranked according to three factors:

  • MAUs
  • Transaction Volume, and
  • Transaction Value

Top performing blockchain games in September/October by Monthly Active Users



MAUs – 3,171

Across both September and early October, while retaining a reliable volume of users, has slipped by 17% compared to August.

My Crypto Heroes:

MAUs – 1,642

While its overall ETH volume has remained static at zero, My Crypto Heroes has managed to leapfrog the likes of Etheremon and HyperDragons to land at second place.





MAUs – 1,216

Between both Etheremon and Hyperdragons, there’s been a battle over 2nd place for Daily Active Users.

And while HyperDragons initially landed 2nd, Etheremon has managed to land 2nd for DAUs and 3rd for MAUs, falling by 20% compared to August, however.

Top blockchain games by transaction volume



Transactions – 198,700

While its MAUs have fallen slightly compared to previous months, its transaction volume continues to perform strongly at nearly 200,000 over September and October.

MLB Crypto Baseball:

Transactions – 33,700

The past few months have been good for Lucid Sight, especially for MLB Crypto Baseball.

Coming after a sponsored event at Dodgers Stadium, the number of transactions has been steadily increasing over late-September/early-October.

Top blockchain game by ETH volume

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained:

Volume – 4,171 ETH

Gods Unchained has continued to retain a strong ETH volume in the months leading up to its anticipated esports competition in 2019.

MLB Crypto Baseball:

Volume – 1,300 ETH

Thanks to its ongoing pre-sale of its digital bobbleheads, MLB Crypto Baseball has managed to steadily accumulate ETH over the last few months.




Volume – 495 ETH

While its user base and daily transaction rates remain low and static, Etherbots has managed to accrue nearly 500 ETH, securing it as third place between September and October.

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