Coming to the WAX marketplace soon: blockchain-based stickers

Certain to make a lasting impression

Whenever we want to add personality to things that are otherwise uniform, we add stickers.

That’s exactly what WAX has in mind as one of its upcoming products on the marketplace, and will boast a number of features. Some of which will be immediately familiar to sticker users, and some that are wholly unique to the blockchain, according to the WAX team.

These can include attaching to digital assets that you already own, starting up a collection, or trading them with friends.

One way in which these differ to their more analog cousins is that users can also collect and use them as part of a unique revenue stream.

A new revenue source for streamers

One of the advantages of these digital stickers is that influencers will be able to earn additional revenue. In particular, Twitch streamers would be able to create their own custom stickers for users to buy on the WAX marketplace.

On the other hand, those that are more interested in collecting will find that WAX “has already inked deals with major global brands that will be licensing WAX Stickers.” Only time will tell which particular brands end up on the market.

While these stickers aren’t expected to join the ecosystem for a few more weeks, the company alludes to a ‘major feature’ that these stickers provide. But this is a feature users will have to wait on to find out.

To find out more about the WAX marketplace and its upcoming stickers, visit the website and blog.

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