Hora Games introduces Crypto Idle Miner

For anyone familiar with mobile games, idle games are one of the more strangely addictive kinds.

This fact is something that the development studio, HoraGames, is taking to heart as it introduces its game, Crypto Idle Miner.

With its latest update, Crypto Idle Miner brings all the intrigue and addictiveness of an idle game to the player, powered by blockchain.

Crypto Idle Miner allows users to learn more about the world of blockchain by playing. From extracting cryptocurrency to making smart investments, all without putting your own money down.

With the recent update of its beta to 0.3.0, Hora Games has introduced some new features for players to take into consideration while playing.


The game now includes a series of features like new environments, pets, and plants which carry buffs for performance in the game.

Alongside mining and trading crypto’s, it now boasts a research window for new technologies to be unlocked and put to use to perform output.

With the release of the full game, Hora Games will also unveil its token built on top of ERC20, the HoraToken.

The inclusion of the token means that players will be rewarded for participating in the game as they rank up and gain achievements. While little else is known about the token, there’s certain to be more information on it in the near future.

“Our first version had a great turn our and we couldn’t be happier about that, even though that version had pretty basic gameplay,” Goran Aleksic and Vladimir Vujcic of Hora Games elaborate.

“We are really looking forward to meeting new players and blockchain/crypto, enthusiasts. After this final update, we will progress towards global release and really can’t wait to see and hear everyone’s reactions and impressions.”

For more information about Hora Games, visit its website.

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