From airdrops to achievements – GuildChat’s success so far

GuildChat has plenty to claim victories for

For BitGuild, there’s a lot to celebrate. From being nominated as one of Tron’s super representatives to the release of GuildChat.

Since its release, the social networking/digital wallet has been a unique experience for users, and a successful one to boot. After two weeks, there have been a surprising number of statistics that shed light on its early success.


The open beta coincided with a series of TRX airdrops in order to entice users. Overall, this has resulted in over 100,000 claimed airdrops, including TRX, ETH, and PLAT, BitGuild’s native token.

While this is an impressive figure, it remains unclear whether this includes the undisclosed number of zero-value ‘faux-coins’ which were dropped by ‘enthusiastic’ users.

Daily Active Users and Next-day retention

Overall, the app, along with its hourly airdropping of coins has proven effective in drawing up users. With a total DAU base of 36,000, and steadily growing, it also boasts a good level of retention, keeping 70-80% of them for days after.

On average, users are drawn into chat for these drops as they continue. This reason is evidenced by the average number of opens, which is 115 in a day, most likely in order to check for these drops.

Total wallet withdraws

Users have been highly attentive on the subject of airdrops it seems. Along with their being 100k drops of various coins, there have also been 28k withdrawals from digital wallets present on the app.

We can only speculate on how much these withdrawals would have been for, however.

To find out more about GuildChat, visit the Medium page.

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