Glitch Goons begins its pre-sale

A fighter straight out of the 80s but on blockchain, Glitch Goons is a unique PvP fighting game.

This week sees the beginning of its long-awaited item pre-sale which will run for 3 weeks, including an extensive list of items which are exclusive to the sale.

In each of the item packages which players can buy, they consist of five randomized items which vary in rarity. So each pack that a player gets can range from common to legendary.

Within these pre-sale chests are randomly dispersed another a very rare unique item sets (Cosmic, Fusion, Crimson, Shining, and Ancient). Players will need to be lucky enough at buying these items in order to find one or more of them.

The benefits? Along with getting some very aesthetically pleasing items, is that they offer unique in-game boosts, enhancing your fighter’s abilities.

Pre-sale chests fluctuate in price, from 0.5 to 10ETH and a limited time discount of up to 90% off.

Along with these items, the game’s native token, the GameCoin is available in packs of 10,000 and even up to 1 million from 10-500 ETH.

Glitch Goons is set to release in late November 2018.

Then all players will have a chance to compete in tournaments and win real prizes. However, Ether Dale developers stress that those who help support the game by investing in pre-sale packages will have an advantage when it comes to fighting with high rarity gear.

Visit the Glitch Goons website to find more about the pre-sale and game.

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