Izetex – Gamifying discounts and shopping

Since Pokémon Go was unveiled, plenty of companies have wanted to emulate its formula.

A mixture of augmented reality and collecting which has proven addictive, and its something Izetex is trying out.

Using a combination of AR and its tokens, Izetex intends to gamify the way users gain access to discounts. For a business, this is a sweet spot due to the inability of many to entice brand loyalty and endure customers to its products.

The company has dubbed itself the ‘Pokémon Go’ of blockchain, and for good reason. For players to obtain access to these discounts, they need to track down and find the various tokens near them. Much like Pokémon Go, it uses a geographical system to map out token locations.

Once the player finds them, they can immediately redeem them from any affiliated store, giving the tokens immediate value.

Recently, it has successfully reached a user level of 68,000, while also securing a listing on the Singapore-based Cryptology Exchange.

To find out more about Izetex, visit the website.


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