Gods Unchained unveils gameplay trailer and details on its beta

Gameplay and Gods get Unchained

Rolling out to a virtual tabletop near you! Fuel Games has made a number of announcements regarding its upcoming closed beta.

Being just 1-2 weeks away from its release, the team has given more details about the beta. Among these details includes the reason for releasing a closed beta before an open one is brought forward.

It specifies that this is in order to better ‘stress test’ the game and its mechanics before more players get their hands on it.

As it undergoes scaling for its users, the number of players invited to play will increase gradually.

Gods Unchained

“We will begin sending out emails to active community members early next week, and quickly roll out to more users who have purchased packs as we scale up.”

This gradual approach is also being taken with the number of cards and God characters.

All of which will be steadily introduced to ensure they’re functioning effectively.


Gods Unchained – Beta gameplay trailer

For appetites to be aptly wettened for the upcoming release, the team has also introduced the first glimpse at gameplay with its new trailer.

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