Beyond the Void announces subscriptions are open for Ambro Cup #5 Competition

Space is getting sporty

With the launch of Beyond the Void, the galaxy just got more exciting. One thing that’s making it even more so is the announcement of Ambro Cup #5, one of the first esports tournaments on the game.

Competitors, regardless of where they place in the competition, will walk away with one of the following prizes:

  • For all participants*  : 120 NXC + 0,005 ETH (about 3€).
    Just what need to buy your first avatar on the shop!
  • 3rd : 244 NXC + 0,005 ETH (about 5€).
    You’ll have enough to buy a common skin for your favorite mothership
  • 2nd : 244 NXC + 0,005 ETH +  Blue Excalibur skin (about 9€)
  • 1st : 431 NXC + 0,005 ETH + Junkalibur skin (about16€). Wow, that’s more than you need to buy a rare skin for your mothership!

For those interested in being a spectator, the entire competition will be available to view on

How to register

  1. Sign up on Toornament platform
  2. Join our official Discord
  3. Please, wait for confirmation
  4. Check-in on Saturday, November 24th, at 2:30 pm to be ready to start the first round at 3 pm
  5. While you’re playing your games during the tournament: don’t forget to record or stream your games (if you can’t, then make a screenshot of your victory/defeat screen).
    Then share them on the Community Hub on Steam.

Blockchain Gamer Connects  – London Registration 2019 – PGConnects – London

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