Hyperdragons announces new partnership with Refereum

HyperDragons wants to fan some flames within its community

For players of Hyperdragons, things have only been getting better. From the inclusion of the Tenfold Protocol has allowed it to jump ahead of games like CryptoKitties. Recent news of a collaboration with Refereum sees its attempt to draw in more members for its already existing community.

By including the growth engine, it’s hoped that the game will reward users throughout their experiences.

For users this means the more active you are within a game and community, the more rewards you can earn.

YiYi, speaking on behalf of HyperDragons’ developer, MIXMARVEL, believes that the Refereum growth engine can help to really ramp up the size and collaborativeness of the community:

“We know that a strong community is crucial for the success of Blockchain Games and partnership with Refereum provides us with the tools to continue to grow an engaged, healthy HyperDragons community.“

To find out more about HyperDragons or Refereum, visit the websites.

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